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About This Demo

This demo uses iMaptools data and mapfiles to render maps, and uses iMaptools' webservices to geocode locations and reposition the map, and to reverse geocode double clicks on the map. This is all integrated into this demo application using JavaScript and AJAX and REST requests.

Mapping is performed using the iMaptools Tiger Data, mapfiles and UMN Mapserver. The map can be navigated by dragging the image and using the tools on the right. You can also change the cartographic styling of the map by selecting different map styles from the style drop down menu.

Geocoding is performed when you enter an address. This demo takes the address you enter and sends it to the iMaptools Geocoder using an AJAX request. The geocoder then parses the address line, geocodes it and returns the results as XML. The demo application then displays the result(s) under the map as links. There may be multiple results if we found ambiguous results because of fuzzy searching. If you leave off the street number, it will return all address ranges for the named street. You can click on any of the links in the result set to position the map to that location.

Reverse Geocoding is performed when you select the mouse tool and double-click on the map. The demo computes the latitude, longitude location of the double-click and makes an AJAX request to the iMaptools reverse geocoder, which returns the results as an XML document to the demo application. The XML is displayed in a text box under the map. If you click the toggle link it will change the display from XML to tables that represent a more readable version of some of the XML.

Markers are placed on the map in red for the geocoder results and blue for the double click location that belongs to the XML data under the map. You can click on the markers to get balloon info about the marker.

Positioning of the map can be done using a url parameter ll=latitude,longitude. This will cause the maps to be centered on this loctions and zoomed in to a small area.

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